Top 3 Reasons You Should Not Use Free Essay Samples

Free Essay Samples
We feel proud and relax to say that the internet and technology have made our lives easy but o the same time we have to face some difficulties due to the advanced technology. One of these difficulties is finding original and trustworthy content on the internet. As a student, when you are assigned to write an essay, the first thing you do is to search the date from the internet. If the topic is very difficult, you have very less or no knowledge about it, you all will try to search for some sample essays for it. According to an essay writing service, sample essays are the model essays on different topics made available by the different essay writers on their websites.

Use of Sample Essays:
You can find free sample essays all over the internet. They are available on websites of different essay writing services and homework or assignment writing services. Many academic writing services are providing services for writing essays, assignments, and research papers for students. These online services use sample papers to show their work. The essay writing services have also made these sample essays available on their website as an example for letting their customers know about their work and services.

Trustworthiness of Free Essay Samples:
But the question that always tickles your mind is whether these sample essays are trustworthy? This article will answer this query by discussing the top three reasons for not using the sample essays.

  • The authenticity of Information In Sample Essays Is Not Confirmed
While you are finding the data for your essay, you may come across many free sample essays, and you find some appealing information in them. Most of the students will readily copy it for their essays. When you are copying information from these free samples, you do not know whether the information presented here is accurate and genuine. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that these are free samples. So doing something freely; is much more different from the task for which you are getting paid. Websites may put these sample essays on their websites for attracting; more and more customers and the authenticity and credibility of the information may not be their priority. So if you use sample essays, there are hundred percent chances that you may end up scoring low grades because of providing incomplete or wrong information.

  • We Do Not Have Any Knowledge About the Writer
When we use the information provided in any book or journal, we can see a full-page detail and information about the author and publisher. It ensures the credibility of the writer, and we can use this information in our essay as a reference without any hesitation. But the scenario is different in the case of free essay samples. You will never found the details of the writer in free essay samples. So when you do not know who the author is and what is his qualification and specialty, how can you trust the information provided by him in the essay.

  • Plagiarism Issues
When we are using information or data from some other work, we have to cite it properly for avoiding plagiarism. A free essay sample cannot be cited. You don’t know whether the information provided in this sample essay is original or is copied from someone else work. It makes the originality of the content doubtful. So if you use information from these sample essays you are going to plagiarize the work. Besides, teachers always have an idea about the writing style of their students. When you use free sample essays, your teachers can clearly identify them. It can cause low scores or even failure in the essays. Many of the students are using essay writing services for getting their homework and assignments done by these essays and assignment writing services.

The Bottom Line:
Instead of using free sample essays, it is always suggested to use authentic sources of information like books, journals, and scholarly articles. If the topic seems very much difficult and it is hard to find any relevant data then it is better to discuss it with your professor instead of copying it from free essay samples.
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