Why Don’t Students Complete Their Homework

Complete Homework
The students don’t complete their homework for a number of reasons. And one of the major reasons behind it is tough to define. The homework has to do a lot with the work that is done is your school or with help of assignment writing services and it is therefore impossible for everyone to make it right. The things that are taught at school can be very interesting but to write them once again in your homework seems like a waste of them. Most of the time the students think that they cannot consume more time in studies because they have spent too much time in their schools already and cannot tolerate to waste more time on their home works which is justified.

While working on homework the students tend to believe that the homework they do is of extreme pressure because they have to do it on daily basis. The homework done on daily basis is hectic and to get rid of it is the first and foremost job of the students. One of the major issues with homework is that the students aim at not working on it on daily basis while on the other hand the teachers don’t hesitate on insulting on daily basis. So it’s a lose situation at both sides which ends up in a very disturbing atmosphere. It is always good to keep it real and hence it is the duty of both the students and the teachers to tolerate one another. Another point to be understood about research methodology is that the students should not take homework as a burden but should try to see the positive side in it. The students must cater and understand the needs of the home work so that they will be able to do something good at the day of their examination. Here are some other points why students don’t complete their homework;

Lack of Credibility: The major reason why student don’t do their homework is because, there is a lack of credibility at the part of the teachers. The students have a certain level of distrust for the teachers as they believe that they are not worth it. It partly happens when teachers are not able to build very good impressions on the students or the students don’t idealize their teachers. The teachers qualification at times is not considered creditable enough to be trusted therefore students prefer to avoid homework given from them.

Other Activities: The students who have participated in co curricular activities or are of part of other clubs tend to keep the homework books closed because they feel that they are doing a great favor to all just by taking the classes and reading essay writing examples. While working on this particular aspect, the teacher also tend to be lenient with students who are good at other activities but this directly or indirectly ruins their education. Good grades are going to help you establish a career ,all the other activities will be in your special section which will be only considered worthy if the company in need of those skills and if not they will put your cv in trash so be careful.
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