How Apple Has Been a Great Help for Students?

Over the years, Apple has set a trend in education along with all its glamour and perks. Schools are adapting to Mac Books instead of other laptops and students are getting so used to working on Apple products that they find it hard to change their mind set to different brands. There is a very simple logic behind all this and that is Apple’s creativity, quality and forward thinking strategy. Apple has maintained to live up to people’s expectations so far and seeing the consumer response, it can be easily said that it will continue to capture the market in future as well. Apple products have helped students a great deal in many ways, some of which are discussed below:

Apple’s MacBook has bagged the student market despite the fact of being on the higher end in terms of price. There are many reputable private schools that are providing Apple MacBook to students for learning purpose. For junior grades, there are Apple desktop computers set up in libraries and IT classes and students learn to use these gadgets at a very young age. Students are very comfortable in using Apple laptops and its other products like iPads, iPhones and now iWatch. They find it just as useful for entertainment as they do for academics. MacBook Air which is compact version of laptop produced by Apple supports great study apps which are designed specifically to enhance students’ learning.

Apple’s Mac Desktop:
The Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus, spelling and grammar check integrate nicely with most Mac applications to buy dissertations online. Students who have difficulty in reading and comprehension can use the TTS (Text to Speech) technology to overcome their weakness. Students can hear the message on the screen through VoiceOver screen reader. It is helpful for those students who have difficulty in reading text. VoiceOver also works on iPads and iPhones. On the Mac, students have the option to customize their settings and save it to USB flash drive which prevents them from staying tied up to one computer. Another interesting app is the Spotlight, which has a searching feature with a shortcut through one click of the keyboard. Students can easily find all relevant files by simply typing a few letters.

iPod, iPhone and iPad:
iTunes is a great way to keep podcasts, audio-video files and slideshows organized for easy accessibility. To improve reading fluency students can use VoiceMemo to listen to their recorded passages and it allows teachers to evaluate students reading ability. iCal sends automatic reminders to students so that they can keep up with their assignments and turn in their work before due date. It also helps them to stay focused in their studies. Quizlet is another app that helps in test preparation through flashcards. Students can either use existing content on the app which is previously made by other students or they can make their own material.

Apple has made another breakthrough in innovation by coming up with a fitness watch. It is a gadget that not just tells time but also tracks students’ fitness activities. This new product by Apple has helped students a lot as staying active and physically fit is equally important to succeed in class.
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